Graveyard of the Atlantic Underwater Heritage Symposium

Professional divers and underwater archaeologists share shipwreck diving experiences, underwater photography, cutting edge research, and maritime history and culture in this day-long event. 10: 05-10:45 a.m.: The Formation of a Graveyard: The Graveyard of the Atlantic and Its Forgotten Wrecks, Allyson Ropp 11-11:45 a.m.: U-boat War in North Carolina’s Coastal Waters 1942, Jim Bunch 11:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Truk Lagoon-Graveyard of the Pacific, Hal Good 1:30- 2:15 p.m.: Beneath the Killing Sea - Life from Tragedy, Paul Hudy 2:15-3 p.m.: Identifying A Shipwreck: Matching Wreck Observations and Historical Information to Solve the Mystery, Joyce Steinmetz 3:15 – 4 p.m.: The Search for Sheridan, Marc Corbett 4:15 – 5 p.m.: Bow Mariner Expedition, Capt. JT Barker


Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum
59200 Museum Drive
Hatteras, NC 27943



04/06/2019 | 10:00 am - 05:00 pm
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